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Worker of magic and potent shamanic tool

Clear quartz works on multidimensional levels of being - extremely powerful healing and energy amplifier.

Absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating energy, holding a quartz crystal doubles your biomagnetic field.

Working at a vibrational level can be attuned to specific requirements of the user.

Quartz stores information and has the ability to dissolve karmic seeds.


A master healer of any condition, energy enhancement, multidimensional cellular memory healer, efficient receptor for programming, cleans and enhances organs, protects against radiation, immune system, brings the body into balance.

The wand shape focuses where its needed


Crystal wand size 5 cm, holds with leather

(don't put under water, because leather and glue combination)

Black thick string of necklace is self-adjustable.

The necklace strings can be pulled gently from both sides to make size appropriate - 70 cm longest to shortest 39 cm.

Handmade by Thai artisan.

You are welcome to book a coaching session, how to clean, program or use this pendant as healing pendulum via

Clear Quartz Crystal Necklace Healing Pendulum Pendant

40,00 €Price
  • Activate and program the crystal

    Clean within raw brown rice, salt, with sound, light or smudge stick. Carnelian cleanses and recharges other crystals if stored with them.

    Or buy purpose-made crystal cleaners.

  • Delicate handcrafted item cannot be returned

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