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Card Reading & Pendulum Advice Online

Divination via Pendulum or Card readings. You may ask any questions via WhatsApp.

  • 30 min
  • 30 euros
  • Online meetup

Service Description

It is my pleasure to meet online via WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype for Card reading and Pendulum advice. You may ask any questions in any topic or request a reading. It is very useful to explore any topic of your interest from different angles through intuitive tools like divination - cards, Tarot, pendulum etc. The questions can be about anything you wish to know and there are no limits to ask whatever you wish - from personal life, relationships, health, just to name a few. You can measure the condition of your health, mental and physical well-being, consciousness, check the balance within your energy centres (chakras). Ask guidance in regards to where to live, about career, where to sleep or focus, diet etc. I have been using various cards, Tarot, Pendulum daily for years. For 4 years studied with Pendulum Master Tam (45 years of experience) -direct student of Estonian best known pendulum and feng shui specialist, bio-geologist Rein Weber. Took additional course from another Pendulum expert Liina Kauman. I may help with Crystal readings with affirmations that best suit your current state of being for clarity and healing. It is my pleasure to connect You with higher consciousness to obtain the most truthful answers. Besides needing clarity, you may also contact me without intention, just to receive a reading. *DISCLAIMER I do not tell you what you want to hear or what you should do. My aim is to connect you with your inner compass to empower, to uplift, to assist you with following Your Highest Self. By tuning in we may become more aware, since the answers are received beyond the circles made by the ego mind. Pendulum Downing and Tarot /Card divination may give guidance, I do not diagnose or prescribe substances, nor interfere with treatment of a licensed medical professional. Pendulum and Tarot experts are not licensed physicians, and that Pendulum dowsing and Card reading is complementary to and separate from medical services licensed by the government. Pendulum dowsing and Card reading is being provided by your request only! The practitioner is harmless she is not responsible for the outcome of the session.

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