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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Higher Consciousness Energy


Tarot Cards _ Crystals

It is my pleasure to meet online via WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype for Card reading and Pendulum advice. You may ask any questions in any topic or just request a reading.


It may be useful to explore any issues or topic of your interest from different angles through intuitive divination tools like - cards, Tarot, pendulum etc.


The questions can be about anything you wish to know and there are no limits to ask whatever you wish - from personal life, relationships, health, just to name a few.  

Other Divination services


Pendulum Dowsing Coaching

I coach on how to use Pendulum for higher Self guidance to recognize the truth in daily matters and receive honest answers to any topic of interest

Visiting Your Home 

It is my pleasure to visit either your home or office and you may ask any questions. Pendulum dowsing can be very helpful with checking out the location - water zones, energetically positive and energizing places to sleep, eat, work etc. I have many charts including Feng Shui, what colors are best for you etc. so that your life can be in balance and perfect flow.

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