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Therapeutic Massage

Relax and heal naturally with therapeutic Ancient Nuad Bo-Rarn massage techniques from Northern Thailand.

Stress relief, increase blood flow, reduced chronic pain, lowered blood pressure, alleviate aches, better sleep, peace of mind and aid for digestive problems, increase energy; stimulate organs, blood and lymphatic system of the body, deeper relaxation. Can help relieve many illnesses, headache, migrane etc.

Why choose from these massages?


I always ask what pressure feels the best for you and what are your complaints. 

To keep good quality, depth and feeling of the ancient Asian traditional massage technique,  I offer only few  massage treatments per day. 

Please state your complaint and enquire availability from certified massage therapist Dorit by pressing  

Or booking here: One hour Deep Tissue Massage 

Foot Reflexology Massage

Thai Foot Reflexology Massage, Deep tissue massage, natural healing therapy, long term wel
Therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, natural healing massages, higher consciousness e
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Therapeutic massage, Thai Foot Reflexology massage, ancient Northern Style Thai massage, h

Thai Foot Reflexology Massage is an ancient therapy that instigates body's own healing powers -combing natural healing therapy effective for many health complaints for long term wellness.
Specific manipulation of pressure points reduces and eliminates blockages in the corresponding glands or organs restoring a healthy balance.


Deep tissue massage does not mean deep pressure on the tissue. It is for treating particular mascular and skeletal disorders and complaints. Excellent for blood circulation, stress relief, to reduce chronic pain and lower blood preassure. breaks up scar tissue, rehabilitates insjured muscles.
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