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Distance Reiki Treatment - Sending Reiki

Channeling healing Reiki energy to anywhere in the World for You or Your Pet

  • 15 min
  • 15 euros
  • Distance Reiki Healing - pls inform timing and send photo in advance

Service Description

Distance Reiki healing is just as powerful as in-person sessions. Dorit can send healing energy to you no matter where you are. It works by tapping into the universal life-force energy similar to telepathy, to provide healing across any distance. Connect first to let Dorit know of any possible concerns. Reiki will flow exactly to where it is needed the most. To make an appointment, send Dorit your photo and let me know where you are during the time of the session. Then during the session take 15 minutes to relax with your eyes closed and with no interruptions while Dorit sends healing Reiki energy to you. The real benefit of receiving Reiki energy through distance is that you can be far away, yet results are quicker and as effective as with traditional Usui hand position near one's body treatment. Dorit has been asked to send Reiki to treat illnesses, flu, viruses, patients with nerve pain, physical pain or injuries, and diseases and experienced positive results. Comprehensive treatment of various physical and emotional ailments, supporting overall health, reducing anxiety, and stress, and coming out of burnout. Your privacy is always maintained. You don’t need to be ill to benefit from Reiki Distance Healing - regular sessions can help keep your body, mind, and spirit in harmony. Reiki knows no boundaries or barriers and can be a supplement with any medication. Reiki - is a natural holistic therapy Dorit received her first Reiki initiation in 1997 and has been practicing Reiki healing ever since. In 2018 she received Reiki Master Teacher certification from the original Usui lineage. All you need is a bit of curiosity and an open mind to receive pure natural and universal life-force energy. The recommendation for distance Reiki healing is to have 4 sessions in a row, meaning one 15 minute session per day on 4 days within one or two weeks. You have nothing to lose, just try and feel the sensations yourself! *DISCLAIMER Reiki is a relaxation and stress-reduction technique. May heal injuries, reduce pain, work with disease, illness, injuries, etc. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose or prescribe substances, nor interfere with treatment of a licensed medical professional. Reiki practitioners are not licensed physicians, and that Reiki is complementary to and separate from medical services licensed by the government. Reiki is being provided by your request only! The practitioner is harmless she is not responsible for the outcome of the session.

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